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Straight Pride
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Saturday, April 21st, 2007
12:47 am
I gotta say it
If gays can be proud of their orientation (nod of respect to my gay/bi friends), I have every right to be proud of mine.

I hope this community revives itself, I more or less had the same idea until I found this one.

Proud of who I am, proud to be straight. Pass it on :)
Friday, January 20th, 2006
5:37 am
Hello, my fellow straights & allies!

I'm Amy. I've been lurking here for a few weeks, but zlyoga told me to make an intro post.
I actually found this community via OK Cupid... don't ask how; I don't remember.

I've been a queer ally since I first understood what "gay" meant (which was in 8th grade or so - yeah I know, I was a sheltered child). I admit the concept was a bit of a mindfuck for me at first, but I never understood why some people made such a big flippin' deal about it.
Like many of you, I also thought at one time that I might be lesbian or bi. I'd had a few quasi-crushes on girls throughout the years, and the questioning was compounded by my dismal luck with boys. (Plus there'd be the added benefit of shaking up the parents.) Though I now know that I don't really go for women... I've (finally) kissed two in the past few months, and it didn't really do anything for me. And I can't imagine myself performing cunnilingus. I just like the cock too much. My best friend and I always refer to ourselves as gay boys in girls' bodies. Both of us tend to go for somewhat feminine guys, possibly because we're so boyish.
But I'm of the belief that sexuality is a very fluid thing - maybe I just haven't met the right girl.

Anyway, I feel very comfortable with this sort of thing. Someone I was talking to once asked me something like "have you ever felt so open-minded about something that you thought you transcended bigotry?" That's pretty much how I feel about sexual orientation - I'm straight-identified but I use words like "queer" and "faggy" without ever feeling like I'm out of line because I know I say those terms with no ill intent. But if I am feel free to put me in my place.

Nice to meet you all!
Wednesday, January 4th, 2006
10:21 am
Can anyone else relate to the following statement?

I might be a straight woman but damn, my ex-girlfriend was hot!
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
5:04 am
beautiful south park, i want matt and trey
Governor: I believe that I might have come up with a compromise to this whole problem that will make everyone happy! People in the gay community want the same rights as married couples, but dissenters don't want the word "marriage" corrupted. So how about we let gay people get married, but call it something else? You homosexuals will have all the exact same rights as married couples, but instead of referring to you as "married," you can be “butt buddies”. Instead of being "man and wife," you'll be “butt buddies”. You won't be "betrothed," you'll be “butt buddies”. Get it? Instead of a "bride and groom," you'd be “butt buddies”.

Mr. Slave: We wanna be treated equally!

Governor: You are equal. It's just that instead of getting "engaged," you would be “butt buddies”.
Lady: Well, what about lesbians?
Governor: Well like anyone cares about f(beep)king dykes.
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
10:00 am
First time!
Hello. I'm Austin.
I've been straight for a little over 20 years.
I think homosexuality is disgusting and I just try to avoid it. I've only known of two gay people in my life, both of which were definately gay. I really can't be around guys like that, it's just annoying listening to them be so girly.
I don't "hate" gay people, I just think it's sad that society is now promoting it. It's a non-sustainable way of living, and just nasty... especially for guys, just cause of the whole butt thing. Ew.
There are two sexes for a reason.
Sunday, December 11th, 2005
9:20 pm
Intro post
Hello, my name is Lindsey. I am straight, and a huge advocate and supporter of gay rights.

I am not part of my school's GSA, but I still try to go to events like rallys and workshops. I want to help as much as I can.

I have had people assume that I'm bi or a lesbian, and I went through a small questioning period, but I figured out that I'm straight. My mother seems to think that if I join the GSA, everyone will think I'm a lesbian (although that's not my reason for not joining) and I recently found out that my grandmother doesn't like some of my friends solely based on the fact that they're bi or gay.

I like boys that wear eyeliner and girl-pants. Unfortunately, there are about... 2 of those at my hgihschool, and both are taken (presumably by girls that, like me, <3 the eyeliner).

Just wanted to introduce myself...
Monday, December 5th, 2005
8:17 pm
Gay/ Straight ALLIANCE!
Hey there everybody!

The Arlington GSA is holding a movie night this Friday (December 9th) from 5 untill 8. It will be held at the high school in Ms. Holt's room (that's 506.. and yes there will be signs directing you from the main lobby). We're going to be watching "But I'm a Cheerleader" which I hear is extremely funny. It's about a cheerleader who doesnt like kissing her boyfriend, so she gets sent away to a camp that tries to make kids straight. Good plot, right? There will be food and maybe pizza if people seem to want it. Bring more food if you'd like (c'mon kids, this is the Arlington GSA, the more food the better!) and of course bring FRIENDS!!

If you have any questions find me at school or e-mail me at arlington_gsa@yahoo.com .


(PS. please keep sending this to as many friends and schools as you can!)
Friday, December 2nd, 2005
8:06 pm
I've never posted in a community before; so I hope I do this right.

My name is Mali. I'm sixteen years old.
I am comfortable with my sexuality; which is of the hetero type.
I've dated two girls, when I was exploring my options. I discovered my attraction to females is purely hormonal. Emotionally and mentally we clashed in romantic situations.
I do tend to date more fem males, because I myself am not very 'girly'.

My nickname in Elementary school was Lesbo. My father thinks I am a Lesbian, and people I've met are very shocked to find out I date guys.

So that is why I joined; to share my frustration without being screamed at and see others tales..etc.

I've rambled enough. :)

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
10:20 am
Hi all. I'm Nic and I am straight.. I think.

Well.. I think I am.. and therefore I shoudl be. My ex wondered if I was straight, turnign gay or just bi.. but straight for the most part. :)

Since photography is one of my hobbies I have been thinking about going into the realm of using more male models.. but alas.. they seem to be arder to fin than the female ones... :)

Not a great first ntry but what the heck.. I tried anyway. :)

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
10:59 pm
Hi I'm Kate. I'm bisexual but I have a lot of straight friends. :) Both my brothers are straight. I'm pretty sure my parents and grandparents were too. :) At least, as far as I know.

I got here via robert_from_ap's post in his journal about this community.


Current Mood: cheerful
9:22 pm
Hello everyone. My name is Darren, and as much as I feel like a label really won't work for me, for now I shall be hetero but willing to experiment. I find I'm more attracted to girls, but I can definitely appreciate a guy's physique. I'm hoping that is just due to an open-minded nature.

My sexuality has rarely been questioned until recently when one of my friend's friends made a bet with one of their friends (whom I coincidentally am aquainted with) on my sexual orientation. Since I was actually faced with the question of, "Are you really gay?" I have been feeling slightly different. The main reason for person #1's reasoning is not just that I am the vice president of the GSA at my school (2nd consecutive year) but that I just 'give off that vibe.'

So yeah. That's my intro entry. w00t.
8:39 pm
Good day, I am Sarah. I joined SP cause Emily is awesome. I am straight, but I wish I was a lesbian because I go to an all girls school!! Yay all girls school!!! p.s. Emily come visit me in Boston and we can got raid Newbury Street.

7:17 pm
Nice new disclaimer on the userpage.

Want to help come up with a non-offensive straight pride symbol?

Anyone want to discuss this? What are your ideas?
6:34 pm
Hey I'm Tasha, 17 yr. old girl and straight. Um...yeah this introduction is already failing fast. I went through a period in 8th grade where I thought maybe I was gay, but eventually I just figured that I have an appreciation for the physical form of males and females, but prefer males for relationships...I don't know, maybe someday I'll come to the conclusion that I'm bisexual, but I don't feel like that's me. So I'm straight. [[shrug]]

I love this community already! I remember on National Coming Out Day, I wanted to be like "Hey I'm straight!" because everybody else gets to "come out" but if you don't, you're just assumed to be straight. And yeah, then Emily was like "You can come out as straight" and I felt better 'cause your sexuality is something that everyone should put forward at some point and...well, not announce but at least make it known. [[shrug]] Maybe not, just some thoughts that aren't coming out right.

Bye all.

P.S. Isn't it sad that if I say I'm proud to be pale and straight, I'm considered racist and homophobic? I'm neither.
2:04 pm
First time posting!
HAH! What great community! Hero-pride, with out a hint of homophobia.

I had a situation come up today that fits perfectly. I'm driving all my guy-friends to lunch. It starts to snow.

I say, "Woo, thats beautiful! Look at all the pretty little pastel colored houses, dusted lighty with snow as if the were candies frosted with powered sugar!"

Dude next to me, "God DAMN you are queer!"

Me, "I'm ARTIST. Don't mistake the two! (Is my eye-liner running?)"
8:07 am
I'm joining because I'm straight. Yep. I went through a phase where I was in the closet about being straight actually, I wanted to be gay and I even dated someone of the same sex as me. She looked like me a little bit, so I attribute that to narcissism now- as I've always wanted to know what it's like to get into my own pants. Anyway, I'm pretty damn proud of my straight-ness now... I'm glad that it's no longer a crime to be a liberal, pagan, straight, gender-female, feminist. Rock on. For the record, I'm also proud of being white... damnit.

Oh, and I'm fucking sick of people assuming I'm gay because I'm chubby, I have shortish hair and I don't wear a lot of make up. Jesus Christ! My professor found out that I'm married yesterday and she was all surprised. That's right, not all straight women wear fucking floral skirts and talk incessantly on their cell phones. In high school I used to work with LIGALY (Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth), I even attended a gay prom and spoke on nation-wide media about tolerance... but I hate the fucking assumption.

That is all.

Current Mood: content
Monday, November 28th, 2005
7:55 pm
7:31 pm
Haha okay.

I'm not particularly proud(or ashamed) of being gay so I don't really understand why anyone would be proud of being straight, but I figured why not.
So what's in store for this little community, eh?


I should probably introduce myself huh.
I guess you can call me Brianna. Seeing as how that's my name and all.
Uhm. I just recently started going to the GSA meetings at my school. I've only missed like 4 though. I'm in grade nine. Any questions? :P
11:56 pm

I'm Emily and I'm the founder of this community
I'm a Lesbian
But my parents are straight. I also have some straight friends.

I'm an ally to the heterosexual people. There's nothing wrong with them. We should all accept them

I hope this can be a place where straight people
as well as all other people can be accepted
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